Pandemic HEB

I don’t consider myself to be the kind of person who is exactly popular. I don’t like books, movies, or even activities that others love. For example, I hate camping and, although I will still give it a shot, I don’t think it’ll ever grow into it.

I have far too many traumatic memories of being a child forced to camp out for a couple of days with other classmates and feeling no human being with a roof on their head should be subject to that. Well, the upside was having my own sleeping bag…it was like having a bed of my own, which I did not.

In this ugly pandemic the world has plunged into, curbside shopping has become a privilege — but also a good option if you want to preserve yourself from the virus as much as possible. HEB is the local Houston/Texan store of preference for many of us, and they have a good curbside service that I have been using for several months now, on and off as availability waxed and waned in accordance with the average level of public panic.

It seems tonight the service is offline…just when I was going to close my shopping and check out. So now there is no slot (by the way, the system is dead but alive enough to tell me my slot has expired) and I will have to wait who knows how much longer to get my groceries as I had originally intended.

Fuck this pandemic and fuck HEB.

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