Eternal Lockdown

These are troubled times, and we all know it. Whether we have been directly impacted by COVID-19 through a relative, a friend or ourselves, or we have just been otherwise indirectly impacted by government inaction or life itself, this is the hand you are dealt. Welcome to 2020, the year of a pandemic that nobody expected or was ready for.

Where I come from, the corrupt leaders in charge have opted for imprisoning the population just to protect a large mass of underserved workers and lower classes that they, in their awful iterations in power, have failed to provide for. Some people realize they are being had while others don’t and probably never will, or at least not until they miss their own plate of food on the table, ironically while waiting for “their” chosen leaders to do the right thing.

Too much is going on, here in the US and in my hometown. Too much is happening while it is not, but only a few eyes can see that or want to see that. Can I blame them? No, not really. Who wants to wake up to the reality of not being free? Who wants to support a regime that pretends to be the solution when it is at the root of the problem?

Nothing is eternal, but quarantine — not COVID — might as well be. The democracy you thought was a given is nothing but a fragile whiff of air, stale and locked into a small fist that you will not dare to show anyone for fear of going to jail.

If I have to be afraid of anything, I’d rather be afraid of not being, of not feeling, because that might not be convenient.

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