Same Love, New Beginning

More than a decade ago, my life was in transition.  I was working out of my home country in South America and about to move to Europe or the US.  Yes, the decision presented itself as radically as that.  The pendulum went northwest and I found myself in Houston early in the past decade, with everything to be done and conquered.

Ten years after my arrival here and way after a simpler and less Pythonic version of this website made it onto cyberspace, I am back to where it all started.

Donkey West is the epicenter of love in literature, the playful way in which Virginia Woolf referred to her friend and once lover, Vita Sackville-West.  Given that Mrs Woolf wrote Mrs Sackville-West the longest love letter in literature in the novel Orlandowhy not giving what we hope will be a playful space a name that evokes the fun these legendary women had?  

I hope this space becomes that and I hope this space becomes you.




The Author

W is a researcher by day and a writer of this blog and its vignettes whenever there is a break in her working days and weekends.  All of her life she has hoped to be what she is not.  She is still trying not to be who she is but finding it hard to do as age and — to a lesser extent — experience continue to lure her into settling in.  She likes to read, write and ride her bike when the weather allows.

…”don’t you see, donkey West, that you’ll be tired of me one of these days (I’m so much older) and so I have to take my little precautions…”