Back to you, back to us

Amy Winehouse had a fantastic song named Back to Blackthat I used to sing to back in the day.  It was another sad story of the love that leaves a bad taste in your mouth.  I have been out of reach from this forum for a while…let’s say roughly over a decade.  In the meantime I have changed countries, launched myself full-on into a relationship that only now seems to be turning the corner, changed jobs three times and probably that’s about it.

Well, true…I have also aged, but that is a given, right?.

New Beginnings

You may or may not know that the main star of 2020 is a global pandemic that is threatening to ravage the world, if not now probably before the year ends.  A lot has been said about flattening curves, wearing face masks, washing hands and avoiding contact via the so-called “social distancing”.

In a way, Covid becomes me.  He is far more social than I will ever be and can certainly reach out to more people.  Me?  I am just a woman behind a screen, wrapping up her first post after a decade-long hiatus from blogging.

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