My last post on this random blog was written almost 18 months ago.  I wonder if eighteen months is a long time or a short time.  I cannot quite come to terms with the idea that length is always meaningful.  If somebody had told me that in 18 months my finances would not be as dire as they looked in May 2021, my home repairs would be done and that I would be in love with a beautiful, transparent and loving human being whose existence just makes life better, I would have laughed at you.  If, on top of all of these life-altering changes, someone had told me I would have lost thirty pounds over the course of that same period, I would have laughed even harder.

Dear reader, I feel I can tell you I finally know what rebirth means.  Renaissance is not just a period of history or a random festival where people dress up in Medieval attire.  It is the single opportunity of being born again, as on an ancient ritual.   My renaissance unfolded over the course of these several months.  Yes, the pandemic did not quite go away in the meantime, I was initially fat and not really believing I could effect change in my body or in myself.

No, things did not just happen by design.  At some point, I hit that invisible wall that separates who you are from who you want to be.  I decided to tear the wall down and move forward.  So far, it seemed to have worked.  Now the key lies in becoming a better version of body and soul without stopping whatever change we triggered when the Universe decided we had learned how to receive.  The key lies in giving and receiving with purpose, being ourselves and reaching out for more than the low-hanging fruit.  Always…to life!

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